Identifying the Right Investors to Give You Real Deals

Nowadays, the internet is used by many savvy investors to look for massive lists of buyers to wholesale their properties in their own locality or in other markets.

In order to gain volume of buyers’ lists nowadays, you can use online in finding them. On this note, although you have this large volume of list, you still would need to categorize people into various categories for your good decision.

First to take note are the so-called wannabes or the tire tickers who like the idea of buying real estate but will not move as fast as you want them to be.
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Another group of people that you have to identify are those named as newbies, described as serious people and have ready cash but do not real idea on what they desire and have som hand-holding about the matter, but potential because of their financial capability.
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Another group of investors that you should identify are the folks who are the real deals because they have already several investment properties, can access to cash so you can close the deal fast, and because they know what they like.

And so, your next move is to weed out the wannabes and get in touch with the buyers who are the real deals. For you to come to this decision, there are some tips that you can follow.

Your first tip is to be able to create an investor profile form, then you can be informed more of their buying habits, intentions and likes. You can start information like name, email address, their phone numbers, and ask them how they came to know you, and so on. Other information to complete your profile would be like the place or cities of interest, the style of the property, how many are intended to buy for some period, range of investment and the amount of margin expected, and so on.

Your tip number two is to provide a certain level of incentive for the buyer to complete your profile. To name a few of incentives are a VIP buyers list that you can offer so they can get complete profiles, or an e-report of their interested topics that you can give for free.

There is no better way than the tested and tried face to face contact conversation, and this is our next pointer. Getting information first hand can also be done through a phone conversation.

If you do not have your own deals under your contract, your next method is to find active wholesalers to partner with and make market deals with you especially there is no point of a list without deals on it.