Ideas on Book Recommendations

Most people don’t waste their time in reading less important books. You don’t need to waste your precious time in reading less important books for we have a variety of books that are worthy your time. You should be sure of what you are looking in a book that it will be easily recommended to you.

Your interests determines which book to use for the list of book is long. This is a list of the best books you can read in different categories.

Are you willing to read a good novel book? Then this is where to get it. We have a variety of story novels to mention but a few like ; The Harry Potter and the sorcerers stone which is done by J.K Rowling.

We have The lord of the Rings Trilogy. It is done by J.R.R TOLKIEN.

The little prince is done by Antoine de Saint -Exupery.

Harper Lee has written the book by name to kill a mocking bird which is still in the list of fiction books. I have mentioned a few list of fiction books for the list is long so you can decide which book you need to read.

Best- selling books are classified by the number of copies sold. For the best -selling books we have books like; Agatha Christie has written And Then There Were None.

A book like The Dream of the Red Chamber is done by Cao Xueqin and it lies under the category of the best- selling books.

J. R.R has written The Hobbit which still lies in the category of best-selling books.

Ever person would wish to read these books. You will love to read this small list of books ; PAUL KALANITHI has done WHEN BREATH BECOMES AIR which is found under this category.

Jared Diamond has written Guns, Germs, and steel : The fates of Human Societies.

In this category we have Manual for living which is written by Epictetus.

The book The Psychology of Persuasion is under this category and is done by Robert Cialdini. This category is provided in a printed copy and also eBook.

These books offer you with knowledge and provide you with ideas. These helps you know more about the world. Books like Manual for LIVING. This book will help you live as per your standards. You do not need to run after things that are not important. Less important books are not worth running for.

We still have The lessons of History. It tells us about human ideas which can be passed and changed in future. You will get a suitable book as per the recommendations above.

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