Reasons Why You Should Scuba Dive In New Jersey You will usually hear people say that they cannot go scuba diving in the Caribbean because it is so expensive. The Caribbean is not the place where you can scuba dive. There are actually a lot of great scuba diving spots in New Jersey. You can actually dive in the coast of NJ. But, it is best if you are trained and skilled first before you can go scuba diving. This is really important and worth it. The water in New Jersey is much colder than the waters in tropical areas. There are actually a lot of people that do not know the reasons why a lot of scuba divers dive in New Jersey. Even if water is cold, you will see a lot of things. There are about 7,500 wrecks off the shoreline in NJ. You will really enjoy wreck diving if you are a fan of history. You wil find some of the most deadly wrecks on the Jersey shoreline. Some scuba divers even found treasures. There are actually professionals that will teach and train you how to find different wrecks.
6 Lessons Learned: Certifications
The marine life in New Jersey is pretty amazing. There are some species that you can only see in the waters of New Jersey. You will also see a lot of frilled anemones that are attached to different kinds of surfaces. There are really a lot of things that you can see in the waters of New Jersey.
A Brief History of Courses
Below are helpful tips in scuba diving in New Jersey: 1. Undergo the necessary training and be certified . You need to take the necessary scuba diving training course. When you finish the training course then you can be a certified scuba diver. If you know how to properly dive then you will be more confident. Once you are certified, then your guide can bring you in technical dive locations. You will also learn about search and recovery skills. Once you complete the course you will be able to dive much deeper and even go diving during night time. 2. You need to use the right wetsuit When you are certified it would be best if you have quality scuba diving gear. You need heavier scuba diving gear if you plan to dive in New Jersey. You need thicker wetsuits since the water is much colder than other diving sites. You should get a dry suit if you plan to go scuba diving in the winter season.