IP Telephony and its Advantages.

The communication world is one of the most innovative when it comes to technology. To make our lives easier, they develop new and innovative ideas daily. With the growing demand for cost – effective and efficient communication channels, innovation is the only way to go. Unreliable and inefficient communication channels result in massive loss in the corporate world.

One of the notable advancements in communication technology is IP telephony. IP telephony entails the use of technologies that use the internet packet protocol to convey data and other forms of communication. In the past such communication was done over public switched telephone networks (PSTN). In IP telephony there are no tolls like those in public switched telephone network as the information is shared as packed of data on shared lines. Unlike the traditional telephone service, the government does not regulate the usage of IP telephony. IP Telephony services have greatly revolutionized business communication by providing flexibility and cost reduction in communication. By switching to IP telephony businesses derive various benefits which include security of their communications, reduced costs of communication and increased productivity.

If a business is using the hosted VOIP solution, they have access to the various IP based applications. Switching to IP telephony is not costly as there is no capital investment requirement and little is spent on infrastructure. It costs a lot less to manage and maintain VoIP hosted services compared to managing and maintaining a traditional telephone service. In addition, IP Telephony carries both data and voice over a single network. The cost of investing in communication infrastructure is reduced this way.

Another advantage that a business gets from using IP telephony is the security of their communication. Virtual Private Networks provide secure routing and remote access even over public IP networks. This way, the information is as secure as that sent over a private network. Using IP telephone also allows businesses to access features that are more advanced. IP telephony avails advanced features such as video – conferencing and call management cost – effectively to businesses. These features are equivalent to what the traditional corporate PBX system provides, but at a cheaper rate. With these advanced features, small businesses and even the medium ones that do not have a big budget can still have efficient communication.

IP Telephone also greatly increases the productivity of a business. IP telephony supports several applications and devices which make it possible for the users to work more effectively and efficiently. People in different locations can effectively collaborate through communication.

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