It is definitely time to sit down and look at Your Life After 25. Perhaps you have recently gone through a breakup and there is some concern regarding whether or not it was the right choice. Don’t go back to a bad relationship just because you are feeling lonely. Instead, carefully consider the pros and cons of this relationship and then make a decision.

What is He a Good Guy?

Often, women make the mistake of staying with someone who is no good because they don’t want to be alone. If he was a cheater or was just plain mean, it is probably time to move on. However, if he was a good guy and the breakup was just something that just happened, it may be time to reevaluate the situation.

Was This Relationship Complete?

It is important to think about whether or not you were truly happy in this relationship. If it was a relationship where both people got along great and hardly ever argued, it may be something to resolve. However, if he was just basically there until someone else came along, it is time to move on.

What About His Flaws?

Now, it’s time to think about those annoying things that he was always doing. If he was loud and obnoxious or even a little lazy, these things can be very annoying. However, if he was the right guy, it may actually be something that is missed.

There is No Longer a Fear of Commitment

Perhaps it seems as if there is no longer a fear of settling down and getting married. If this is the case, he may be the right guy.

A lot of women will agree, when they find the right guy, they know it in their heart. Don’t settle down with the wrong guy just because being lonely is not an option. Instead, continue to date and the right guy will come along. Be patient and don’t hesitate to date someone that you may have never even considered. You never know, the right guy may be someone that was never an option in the past. Give him a chance and allow him to prove it.